Is It A Pine, Spruce, or Fir?

Everyone has probably struggled with plant identification at some point in their life. While some of us may still be learning - it can be on ongoing process, others may have mastered the skills involved in identifying plants in the landscape, woodlots or streetscapes.
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Amy Stone
Curtis E. Young

Hemlock Pine?

We sometimes forget “what it was like not to know”, when it comes to plant identification. Yet, it is essential when it comes to selecting and maintenance of plants. A simple misidentification of a pine vs. a spruce can result in improper pruning timing or improper diagnostics, prognostics, and recommended management for a disease: Diplodia tip blight of pine and Cytospora  canker of spruce are different diseases, obviously on different –plants. And spruces do not have “pine cones”.



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Jim Chatfield
Joe Boggs