Disease, Demystified

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What are control strategies for managing oak wilt disease? What do we know about beech leaf disease? Does rose rosette virus affect ‘Knockout’ roses? Which crabapples have good genetic resistance to apple scab disease and how does this compare to 20 years ago? Does apple scab on the fruit matter (as seen on the lead slide for this bygl-alert)?


Oak wilt symptoms
Oak wilt symptoms illustrated by Amy Stone


beech leaf disease
Leaf banding from Beech Leaf Disease


rose rosette disease
Rose rosette disease sign at Fort Worth Botanic Gardens


apple scab on fruit
Apple scab on Weeping Candied Apple crabapple


  What is a phytoplasma, anyway and what do bugs have to do with it? How do fungicides work and what works for what? Is that crown gall on the hickory tree at Secrest Arboretum? What is the disease cycle for a range of important plant diseases in the landscape and community forests?


Phomopsis gall on hickory
Gall on hickory


  Questions, answers, conundrums, diagnostic profiles, a diagnostic walk in the almost-winter plantscape: come join us for a full day of probings of your phytopathological knowledge, including new and emerging disease problems.


apple scab on crabapple leaf
Apple scab on crabapple leaf


  Not to mention an excellent lunch and gourmet snacks. All for $40. Program will be taught by OSU Extensioneers Erik Draper and Jim Chatfield. Registration coming next week; check it out then at:




Erik Draper teaches
Erik Draper teaching at the Secrest Arboretum pavilion; also home to Diseases, Demystified program


Jim Chatfield and cedar apple rust corsage
Jim Chatfield and cedar apple rust corsage


  And, there might even be a bit of point-counterpointing between Mr.’s Draper and Chatfield. This is a long-standing plant pathological tradition. In the early 1900’s J.C. Arthur was unimpressed with Roland Thaxter and accused him of being a “mere squirt-gun botanist” relative to his touting of Bordeaux mixture fungicide and other fungicides.



  Thaxter saw the world different, and once said: “Original research is a precious slow coach and is not wanted by the constituency for which the [Research] Stations are created. They do not want pure science; they want mud pies, the sloppier the better.” Hmm.


  Then, as now, scientists could occasionally be a bit uncivil. Thaxter once sent two reprints of a Phytophthora paper he had written to H.G. Farlow. The reply:


  “I am glad to have two copies of your papers…one copy to feed the little pigs in the laboratory [graduate students], and the other I keep for the capacious devouring of the old hog himself.


Erik Draper teaching
Erik Does Not Know: An admirable trait


Erik Draper and Sign
Erik is quite a load


Welcome to Chatfield College
Chatfield College! Actually in St. Martin's Ohio


The Chatfield College you are going to get here


  So, let the games begin.


  Erik you are a slimy puke; or at least the dog-vomit slime mold!


Erik Draper
Enough said


Jim Chatfield and Skeleton
Jim Chatfield preparing talk at the real Chatfield College, the Order of St. Ursulines (OSU) in St, Martin, Ohio. Happy Halloween!