They're Baaack: Buckeyes!

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While writing my bygl-alert on Aesculus parviflora yesterday afternoon, Joe Boggs was sending me photos: his latest bottlebrush buckeye beauties. I opened the message, and above and below are those images.


bottlebrush buckeye colony

Glorious fall! 



  As Bob Dylan sings-

  “Well my heart's in The Highlands wherever I roam
  That's where I'll be when I get called home
  The wind it whispers to the buckeye trees of rhyme


More bottlebrush buckeye fall color

The third of the Boggsian Pics


  Anon do I reply/The time now it is nigh/Autumn leaves shall soon fly/for the victorious -Buckeyes


Students from OSU
Students from OSU enroute to their New York City class trip. 



  Finally, while in Pennsylvania recently, at the State Pen…(er, or was it Penn State), OSU Secrest Arboretoids sampled some of their pawpaw fruits, callously lying on the ground, unharvested, and enjoyed, nay you might say ravaged, their tribute to the Ohio State Native Fruit. Go Buckeyes!


eating pawpaws
They do grow good pawpaws at Penn State


pawpaws on the palate
Ah.  A Fall afternoon. Penn State Pawpaws on the palate


discussing pawpaws
One last pawpaw before kickoff.  Go Buckeyes.  And go pawpaws. Those in Ohio  anyhow.