Bent Science Salon: Weird Things in the Woods

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  Come one, come all. The Bent Science Salon officially opens in two weeks, on Thursday, September 21 at 7:00pm. First up: Weird Things in the Woods, channeled through a Weird Thing himself, yours truly, Jim Chatfield. This is only the first of these salons, continuing on the third Thursday of every month: next will be Dan Herms on Plant Phenology (Not Phrenology) and Climate Change, on October 19.


Pandora sphinx caterpillar
Is this a gummy bear creation or a caterpillar.  I wondered when I saw it for real. It is a Pandora's sphinx, Eumorpha pandorus.


The Bent Science Salon is held at Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery at the Rittman Orchard at 13548 Mount Eaton Road, Doylestown Ohio in extreme northeast Wayne County, Ohio. On September 21 check out the weird stylings (samples) that I bring, bring your own weird things in the woods samples, and be prepared to talk nature and nurture, science and sociology.


Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery in the starry nighttime
Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery at night


Bent Ladder food and drink
Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery food and drink


The venue is beautiful, food is available and delicious and ciders and wines are splendid. We will talk plant galls and gall makers, fungi perfecti and imperfecti, symbioses from lichens to aborted entolomas and shoestring fungi, parasitic plants, and…


The translucent oak gall
The translucent oak gall, caused by...Photo by Joe Boggs


Phomposis gall on hickory
Phomposis fungal gall on hickory



aborted entoloma fungus
aborted entoloma fungus



beech drops plant
The beech drops plant, Epifagus virginiana. A parasitic plant common in Ohio woodlands.


  The program is full of free thinking and in fact, free of charge. Optional food and drink does come with the usual fees. In Nature’s infinite book of secrecy a little I can read, said Shakespeare. Come read and sing with us, just a little more.


Bent Ladder Cidery and WInery at the Rittman Orchard
Come one, come all to the Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery on September 21.