Lovely Lilacs Lure Lads and Lassies to the Landscape

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Lilacs, the fragrance, the beauty, the grace, the colors. Lovely lilacs are in full bloom in Northeast Ohio. Syringa vulgaris, or common lilac is found in many landscapes. The common variety tends to be a pale purple. 


common lilac


Syringa pubescens subsp. patula 'Miss Kim' is an improved variety of lilac that grows at a small, compact shrub.



miss kim


miss kim crop


Syringa meyeri palibin is a dwarf Korean Lilac that can be grafted to make a tree form or standard.



korean lilac


Korean Lilac can grow into a beautiful mature tree.



Syringa meyeri can present a deep purple bloom.


deep purple


No matter the variety, the fragrance is a dead giveaway a lilac is looming.