First Freeze of Year in NW Ohio

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Well we knew we could not avoid it forever.  The fall temperatures have been enjoyable.  Last night in NW Ohio, temperatures dipped to 25F.  Our average first freeze of the fall season occurs about three weeks earlier, and our first average measurable snowfall is just 2 weeks away.  Last night's low temperatures should have finally taken out those annuals and tender perennials that we have gotten to enjoy for an extended time this year.


While there were a couple frosts prior to last night's freeze, many herbaceous plants where still going strong.  It has been wonderful to enjoy home grown tomatoes this late into the season, but those days of picking from the vine in the garden are over.  In some areas, this extended warmer than normal fall is coupled with lack of rain.  Be sure plants, especially those that have been recently planted, are checked for moisture levels and given water if needed. 


Tomorrow's temperatures should rebound and another great day is on tap for gardeners, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts .