Did You Know? It's Bat Week!

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What IS Bat week, you ask? Bat Week is an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in nature. This year, Bat Week is right now! It started October 24th and runs through October 31st. Bat Week is organized by a team of conservation organizations and government agencies from across the United States and Canada with the goal of raising awareness and promoting conservation of bat species around the world.


bat week website


Check out the oodles of information at www.batweek.org. There are many ways to get involved, from organizing a 'Bat Pull', which is an invasive plant pull to help improve habitat and food for bats and other wildlife, to tuning into one of 4 different webcasts featuring kids (the Bat Squad) doing inspirational work to help bats in their own communities.


bat squad


There are classroom activities that correlate with the Bat Squad webcasts, and opportunities to chat with the Bat Squad on Twitter! With Halloween right around the corner, bats are on the brain, and this week provides a great opportunity to shed some light on an animal that is often feared and misunderstood. Enjoy this bat-tastic week!