New BYGL Ready for Review

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The new BYGL website for 2016 is now available.  On the home page you will see many interesting ideas related to navigation, presenation and visual identity.

  • PHOTOS -  The top banner is a rotating set of timely graphics linking to selected stories while along the bottom of the site is a visual navigation to each of the most recent articles.
  • CONVENIENCE - The main menu enables users to access anything in just one click.  Learn about: usage permissions, profiles of ENLT Team members, browsing articles, searching current and past articles, receiving the newsletter and supporting the team.
  • WHAT'S NEW - The center column is designed to maximize the impact of "new" articles.  Readers are presented the title, lead photograph, approximately 500 words and a link to Read more.  
  • QUICK SCAN - The right column enables users to scan the most recent additions to BYGL - five most current articles for each category.  BYGLosophy items are randomly presented on the upper right side and drawn from a collection of several hundred quotes preserved from the past twenty years.
  • SEARCH AND EVENTS - The left column offers a quick search of the entire site, a listing of upcoming events, and a quick listing of ALL articles under each category.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - Not visible but very important to the readers of BYGL is the responsive nature of the layout.  The site will automatically adjust the menu, the arrangement of content and the size of the graphics when accessed from a mobile  browser.

Subscribing to the BYGL - Learn more about these options...

  • There are numerous options for receiving the BYGL:
  • Browse the website each day to catch the new stories being created by the team of BYGL writers.  
  • Subscribe to the weekly BYGL email containing complete articles and delived each Monday morning.  
  • Coming soon - BYGL Alert!, a new option for receiving an email message as soon as a new article is published   


  1. This  NEW option for 2016 allows you to create a custom newsletter by selecting BYGL articles published between any two dates of your choosing. The resulting newsletter will contain: the full text for each article but none of the photos will be displayed. This option my be ideal for those who want "just the story and not the photos."
  2. The second option is to create a custom newsletter that shows an opening paragraph for each article and a leading photo. This option my be ideal for those who want a colorful photo and just and introduction to the article.


  • When you view a single article, click on the View PDF link and print.
  • When you Build-A-BYGL, print the resulting newsletter or save as a PDF for sharing with others using your browser.
  • When you receive the weekly email, print from your email software. 

We hope you enjoy the new site, while at the same time continuing to receive the latest and greatest information from the ENLT Team that you have been enjoying for over 20 years.  Be sure to let us know what you like about the BYGL.

Tim Rhodus and Bud Witney