Yes, We Have The Bananas

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  I have marveled this summer about the impact of modern petunias in hanging baskets, planters, and planting beds in communities in Ohio and elsewhere. When I talk to landscapers such as Gene Pouly in Orrville about these petunias, they agree that petunias are indeed a boon to these sites, but they almost always add that there can be so much more to urban plantings. So, here is one of Gene’s planters, with the range of additional plants he uses outside Smith Dairy in Orrville, Ohio.  


landscape planter with banana and other plants


  As Gene names them: Skyfire Coleus, Colorblaze Dark Star Coleus, Colorblaze Sedona Coleus, Infinity Orange Frost New Guinea Impatiens, Graceful Grasses Fiberoptic Grass, Lysimachia Goldilocks, Surefire Rose Begonia, Santa Cruz Begonia, Pegasus Begonia and Bananas.

  Expanding the extension of the “gene pool”-ey, more than one plant at a time. Though I did notice lovely petunias in nearby downtown Orrville landscape beds, as well as in planters and in hanging baskets.    

petunia planting bed Orrville Ohio