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Extension is an educational resource like no other.  If you are a BYGL reader, you already are familiar with the horticulture related information that Ohioans, and beyond, have access to via the timely BYGL alerts,  the weekly BYGL summaries, and of course the BYGL website.  Sometimes there are topics that clearly overlap in our program areas and provide an opportunity for cross programmatic planning and promotion of the four Extension program areas:  Agriculture and Natural Resources (which includes horticulture); Community Development; 4-H Youth Development; and Family Consumer Sciences. 


Yesterday I received an email alerting me to a new post on the Family Consumer Sciences' (FCS) Live Smart Ohio Blog.  The photo of the tomato caught this gardeners eye and I clicked on the link to read more.  As I was reading the article written by Dan Remley, Assistant Professor, Field Specialist, Food, Nutrition and Wellness, I thought this is a great opportunity to share another OSU Extension resource that is available to our BYGL readers. 


The link to the post on the article that peaked my interest, A Tomato A Day, is  https://livesmartohio.osu.edu/uncategorized/remley-4osu-edu/a-tomato-a-day/


I hope that you enjoy the tomato article and continue to follow the FCS blog.  You can choose to sign-up for the Live Smart Ohio Blog on their website.  You have the opportunity to receive an email automatically when the FCS Staff post a new article.  Share the word and help Extension reach more people in the Buckeye State!