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Box Tree Moth (BTM) Update #1
A Perspective on Boxwoods
Learn More About the Great Lakes Basin Forest Health Collaborative (GLB FHC)
ODA Issues Quarantine in Southwest Ohio for Invasive Box Tree Moth
Lesser Celandine Tests the “Ephemeral” Concept
Don't Miss the 2024 Tri-State Green Industry Conference (GIC)
Collecting Baldfaced Hornet Nests: BE CAREFUL
Strafing Starlings and Callery Pears
White Pine Aphids: Is it the Last Hurrah for the “Year of the Aphid”?
Fall Invaders are Trickling In
Peony Clean-Up in Landscape Aisle 1
They’re Not Giant, Mutant Mosquitoes: They’re Crane Flies
Pits of Doom and Despair
Box Tree (Boxwood) Moth: New Detection, What to Look For, and Management
Beech Blight Aphids Got Talent
Look Closely at Flowers for a Tiny Threat to Pollinators
OGIA/OSU Greater Cincinnati BYGL! Diagnostic Walkabout Highlight: The Redbud Leaffolder
Ohio Diagnostic Workshop Highlight: White Masses on the Stems of Redbuds
OGIA / OSU: Greater Cincinnati BYGL! Diagnostic Walkabout at the Boone County Arboretum
Dodder's Tangled Tale
A Selected Assortment of Oak Galls
Fall Webworms are Conspicuous by Their Absence
The Buzz on Rough Oak Bulletgalls
Kissing Bugs in Ohio Homes
A Wheel (Bug) of Misfortune is Afoot
Squash Vine Borer: Nature’s Way of Saying You’ve Had Enough Squash!
The Tiger Bee Fly: A Carpenter Bee Nemesis
One of Ohio’s Most Beautiful Beetles
Be Alert to European Paper Wasps
An Early Abundance of Stingers