Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Cottonwoods are Living Up to Their Name in Ohio
Sticky, Dripping Tuliptrees
Ohio's “Bagworm Season” Starts Now
First Round of Yellow Poplar/Magnolia/Sassafras Weevils
Bothersome Birch Blighters
Leaflet Drop on Ash
Leaf Drop on Sugar Maple
Sticky, Dripping European Beech
Sticky, Dripping Oaks and Ghost Scales
Oak Apples, Woolly Catkins, and Leaf Blisters
“Concrete” Mites: A Threat to White Clothing
Heavy Hawthorn Leafminer Damage
Hatch of Spotted Lanternfly Observed in Cincinnati
Twisted Leaves Rock American Elms
Roly-Poly Galls are Rolling Along
Sticky, Dripping Maples
Seeing Spots - Spotted Lanternfly and Spring Egg Hatch
Miner Bees are Major Pollinators. So, Bee Nice.
Drooping Buckeye Leaves: It’s Not Freeze/Frost Damage
Horned Oak Galls are Living Up to Their Common Name
Sneaky Winter Annuals
Zippy Green Beetles
An Ohio Kissing Bug
Return of "The Blob"
Wild Parsnip: Look But Don’t Touch
Poison Hemlock is No Joke
Lesser Celandine: An Aggressive Non-Native Spring Ephemeral
A Pantry Pest “Morphs” Into Bark Beetles
The Annual Return of the Grim Mulcher
Bad Looking Boxwoods