Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Ash “Broccoli” Galls
Eriophyid Galls on Poison Ivy and Fragrant Sumac
Wild Parsnip: Too Late to Control, Not Too Late To Identify
Poison Hemlock: TOO LATE!
Bronze Birch Borer Remains a Threat
Holey Havoc... Munched Magnolia Leaves!
Wheel Bug Nymphs and Other Assassins are on the Prowl
Be Alert for Magnolia Scale AND its Predators
Birdsfoot Trefoil is Foiling Ohio Lawns and Landscapes
The Japanese Maple Scale Challenge
Stranger Things in the Woods
Stranger Thistle Things
White Oak Slug Sawfly Damage
Hydrangea Leaftier
Monitor Now to Stop Bagworms!
Red Thread Signs and Symptoms are Afoot
European Elm Scale Create Dripping, Sticky Elms
Oak Lecanium Scale is Producing Sticky Oaks
Look Before You Sit: Particularly if You’re Wearing White Pants
Fourlined Plant Marauders
Holey Oaks and Chestnuts
Holey Elms
Major Miner on Elm
Another Interesting Oak Gall: the Roly-Poly
Oak-Apples are Growing
Wilted Buckeyes
Maple Seed Development Versus Leaf Development
Woolly Aphids on American Elms
Periodical Cicada Brood X: Gone But Not Forgotten
Key Management Event: Boxwood Leafminer Pupation