Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Non-Native Stinging Ant Confirmed in Southwest Ohio Bug Bytes
Tri-State Green Industry Conference (GIC) News & Alerts
Honeylocusts and Mastodons Hort Shorts
That May Not Be Snow on Those Alders! Bug Bytes
Fall Leaf Drop Reveals Calico Scale Bug Bytes
Terrapin Scale on Sycamore Bug Bytes
They're Heeeere! Bug Bytes
Ode to the Buttonwood Tree Hort Shorts
Delayed Woolly Bear Crawl-About? Bug Bytes
Magnolia Scale Update Bug Bytes
Osage Can You See Hort Shorts
Porcelain-Berry: The Next Kudzu? Hort Shorts
European Hornets Cause Concern Bug Bytes
Aphid Outbreak Bug Bytes
Fall Home Invaders are Poised to Enter Bug Bytes
Seasonal Needle Drop in Full Swing Hort Shorts
An Introduction to the Pawpaw Experience Hort Shorts
Revisiting Some Scaly Old Friends Wildside
Along Came a Spider Bug Bytes
Hawk vs. Sparrows: Out My Front Door Wildside
White Masses on Stems of Wafer-Ash, Redbud, and Other Trees Bug Bytes
Bullet Galls and Bullet-Like Stingers Bug Bytes
The Descriptively Named Basswood Leafroller Bug Bytes
Chestnut Sawfly Found on Hickory Bug Bytes
Stinging Caterpillar Commentary Bug Bytes
Redbud Leaffolder Trekking Through Generations Bug Bytes
Attack of the Boogie-Woogie Aphids Bug Bytes
Coneflower Cleanup Hort Shorts
Unusual Plant-Eating Cockroach News & Alerts
Bagworms in the Bag Bug Bytes


Title Category Event date
Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Workshop
April Southwest Ohio BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-About