Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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An Unusual Insect-Killing Fungus
An Icy Awakening
A Diagnostic Dilemma Reveals an Unusual Plant Disease
Kissing Cousin Bugs
A Society of Unsung Heroes
Get Ready for a Little Breaking and Entering
Calico Scale Crawlers Move to Stems
A Spicy Surprise
Time to Clean-Up Garden Peonies
A Most Unusual Grub
Bullet Galls and Their Guards
Small but Mighty Fly
What Lies Beneath
Diagnostics of Beech Leaf Disease: The Ultimate Beech Read
That's gold, Jerry! GOLD!
Rare and Unusual Caterpillar on Poplar
Blue-Winged Wasps Cruising Lawns
A Non-Native, Native Lizard
Redbud Leaffolder Damage
Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Cooperative Eradication Program in Ohio Scores Another "Win"
Beech Blight Aphids Shake Their Booty
Season Finale for Catalpa Hornworms
Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) Update – Don't Rush to Cut Walnut Trees!
No Asian Hornets in the U.S.
Bagworms are Wrapping Up
Diagnostics: Coloring Outside The Lines
Fall Webworm Update
Sneaky Stink Bugs
Morning Dew Brings Gossamer Creations to Light
Aphids, Host Preference, and Plant Taxonomy


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Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Workshop
April Southwest Ohio BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-About