Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Mesmerizing Murmuration
Late-Season White Pine Aphids
Woolly Bears and the Winter's Tale
Seasonal Needle Drop in Full Swing
Bois D'Arc
Tips on Oak Tips
Time for Peony Clean-Up
Late-Season Ornamental Cherry Defoliation
Orb Weavers in the Morning Dew
The Trouble with Tribbles
Resurrecting Lazarus Lizards
Blister Beetles Make Their Late-Summer Appearance
Beech Blight Aphids are Jitterbugging Across Ohio
Re-Alert: Fall Armyworm, Part II?
“Bagworm Season” is Wrapping Up
The Return of the Elm Leaf Beetle?
Magnolias Looking Mangled
Sedum Flea Beetle Mystery Continues
Bladdernut Slug Sawfly Mystery Solved
Destroyed: the Second Asian Giant Hornet Nest Found in the U.S.
Fall Armyworms March Across Ohio
Jumping Spiders Abound
Sheetweb and Funnel Weavers Create Early Halloween Decorations
Anti-Ant Farms
Rusty Shoes (and Toes) Syndrome
Rising Bulletgalls
Wasp (Paper Wasps, Yellowjackets, and Baldfaced Hornets) Nest Expansion
Extraordinary Fall Webworm Outbreak
Periodical Cicada Damage Look-A-Like
Coneflower Conundrums