Woody of the Week - Rising Sun Redbud

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Cercis canadensis Rising Sun™ is a brilliantly colored selection of the eastern redbud.  Its newly emerging foliage in the spring is shades of apricot-orange, maturing to yellow, turning to speckled lime-green in summer, and then changing to rich golden tones for autumn.  Its foliage lights up a garden and is a real eye catcher. 


Prior to leafing out in the spring, lavender pea-like flowers open along the trunk and branches lasting for several weeks. The heart shaped leaves follow the not only beautiful, but edible flowers too.  If you have not tried redbud flowers, be sure to add them to your horticulture bucket-list. 


This redbud grows quickly and is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and moisture levels.  It tops out at a relatively compact 8' - 12' high and about 8' wide.  A great size for many gardens.  It is typically used as a specimen plant or a focal point of an accent planting in the landscape.  It does well in full sun, but is tolerant of light shade.   This plant is a very adaptable addition to the landscape and is easy to grow too.