Erik Draper

Commercial Horticulture Educator
OSU Extension, Geauga County

Erik Draper is an assistant professor with the Ohio State University Extension in Burton, Ohio and one of Ohio's own “Tree Amigos”.  Erik conducts research in Wooster, Ohio on 78 taxa of crabapples to evaluate the impact of multiple disease susceptibilities, insect predation, bloom timing, fruit impact and duration to create an accurate, overall aesthetic profile for each crabapple taxa.  As part of the "Tree Amigos", a major focus of Erik's job is actively using, identifying, teaching and refining all critical thinking and observational analysis skills to accurately diagnose plant health problems.  Erik has written various articles regarding trees, plant diagnostics and sensible pruning for the American Nurseryman and Fine Gardening magazines.

OSU Extension-Geauga County office-

Mail: P.O. BOX 387
Burton, Ohio 44021-0387

Physical Address:
14269 Claridon Troy Road,
Burton, Ohio 44021

Articles Authored

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