Jim Chatfield

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Ohio State University Extension

Focus on plant diseases, plant problem diagnostics, tree selection, benefits of trees.

Department of Horticulture and Crop Sciences
Department of Plant Pathology
1680 Madison Avenue, OARDC
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 466-0270
(330) 263-3667

Articles Authored

Title Category Published on
Be Alert for Yellownecked Cats
Rust Never Sleeps I: Cedar Quince Rust on Hawthorn Stem
Greening of the Industry I
Sycamore Anthracnose Redux
Woolly Alder Aphids
Orange "Dust" from Callery Pears
Diagnostic Case Study: It's Another Impala Moonrise
Rhododendron Heaven
Maple Cuisine
Don't Be Fooled by Dame's Rocket
Point Counter Point: HortiQuoteUre Redux
The Lovely Season of White Fringetree
Fernleaf Beech to Nostoc, Weekend Wonders, Part Deux
Weekend Wonders I: From Violet Jelly to Further Frost Bytes
Home Is Where The Heart Is..And The Lungs, and Toes, and...
Secrest: Apres le Gel
Crabdronia II: A Peak Peek
Secrest: Calm Before The Frost
Turfgrass 101 by Scott Zanon
Crabdronia: BYGL Readers Ask and Receive
Part Deux: Secrest Arboretum, Early May, 2020
Secrest Arboretum: Early May, 2020: Part I
Asian Bleeding Heart
Redbud Cauliflory
The Crabapples Are Coming! The Crabapples Are Coming!
We Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant
Tree Benefits Analysis of Maple by Claudia Winslett
Dandelions for Dinner by Zoe Eads-Scofield
A Sand County Almanac Book Review by Kendall GIlmore
Plant Profile: Magnolia campbellii