Must See Website - Mary Gardiner, Department of Entomology

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We have a website that you will want to be sure is included in your list of favorites!  Dr. Mary Gardiner is an Associate Professor and State Extension Specialist in the Department of Entomology and doing some amazing work in Ohio.  Dr. Gardiner received her PhD from Michigan State University in 2008 and established the Agricultural Landscape Ecology Laboratory (ALE Lab) in 2009.  The ALE Lab is interested in understanding how the design and management of an urban greenspace or agroecosystem influences food web structure and function. 


Some of the ALE website highlights include:  Lady Beetle Biltz and Citizen Scientists, Ecology of Vacant Urban Lots, Growing Hops in Ohio, the Management of Pests in Cucurbit Agroecosystems, Rain Gardens and more!   


The lab is particularly interested in understanding mechanisms that explain the biodiversity-ecosystem function patterns found within these habitats. The lab's goal with this research is to advance the sustainability of food production and urban ecosystem management.  The lab is also actively engaged in outreach related to enhancing home landscapes, greenspaces and small-scale farms as habitats for beneficial arthropods and work with the public to survey lady beetle populations across the state annually. Dr. Gardiner also teaches two graduate courses: Insect Ecology and Evolutionary Processes and Presentation Skills for Scientists.


You can also follow the lab on social media: 

Instagram: @CLEpocketprairie

Facebook: The Ag-Urban Landscape Ecology Lab