HRI Box Tree Moth Demystified Recording Now Available

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The opening line on the “About HRI” web page states: “The Horticultural Research Institute, the AmericanHort Foundation, proudly supports scientific research and students for the advancement of the horticultural industry.”  The word “students” encompasses all of us.


The “tHRIve - WEB SERIES” is where you can remain updated on a wide range of issues important to the Green Industry.  The webinar titled, “Box Tree Moth Demystified” was presented live last Wednesday, May 15.  The webinar covers what to look for with BTM and the latest results from BTM management trials.


You can access the webinar by clicking this hotlink:


On a different note, HRI is funded through industry donations.  Since 2014, HRI funds have provided more than $1,000,000 in direct funding support to researchers pursuing key Green Industry issues including:  industry marketing answers, pest and disease solutions, time and resource-saving technology, and mechanization advances.  Some of the most pivotal horticultural research that I’m aware of was funded by HRI.


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