Ponds, Wildlife, Woodlands…Oh My! Join us at the Gwynne Conservation Area, September 19-21

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Are you looking to attract wildlife to your property? Or perhaps, you are wondering how to manage deer in your woodland? 🦌


Are you interested in adding native plants to your ornamental landscape and learning how to best support pollinators with your plant selection? 🐝


Do you have a pond that needs a little TLC? Or just really want to see an electrofishing demo? 🙋


Want to learn more about grazing warm season annuals and perennials, along with best practices in grazing management? 🐄


Do you recite pawpaw facts to your friends, family, and coworkers without being promoted? (I’m sure they find it endearing, just like mine…) 🍃


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, I’M TALKING TO YOU! So, keep reading….


You are likely familiar with OSU’s Farm Science Review, a 3-day educational tradeshow that features the latest in agricultural production. But do you know that just across the road, accessible by wagons running throughout each day (who doesn’t love a wagon ride?), is a literal playground for natural resource enthusiasts? Welcome to the Gwynne Conservation Area!


The Gwynne Conservation Area is a 67-acre conservation area where conservation demos, talks, displays, and tours are held during Farm Science Review, September 19-21, in London, Ohio. Featuring a pond, wetland, tallgrass prairie, stream, pawpaw orchard, forage plots, and a wagon tour that shows it all, the Gwynne offers a little something for everyone.


map of the Gwynne Conservation Area at Farm Science Review




You may recall from last week’s article, Calling All Pawpaw Producers and Partisans!, the first day of FSR, Tuesday, September 19th, is dedicated to Pawpaws. From talks on growing pawpaws to a demo on processing pawpaw pulp, we will answer all of your pawpaw-related questions (so you can continue to go out into the world and spread the good word!) Did I mention there will also be a pawpaw ice cream tasting? 


We also have a great line-up of talks, walks, and demos on a variety of natural resource topics that will be held at the Gwynne throughout each of the three days of Farm Science Review. And new to the Gwynne this year, the "Ask a Master Gardener" table will be on site to answer all of your horticultural questions! A complete schedule of all three days can be found below or by clicking HERE.


Parking and admission is available on Farm Science Review main grounds and then hop on a shuttle to the Gwynne Conservation Area.


Hope to see you there!


Schedule of speakers for 2023 GCA at FSR