Spotted Lanternfly. THEY DON’T BITE!

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The Ohio State University Educators held a training for community members and industry professional. The most commonly asked question was “Do They Bite?” The answer is “NO!”








The training was facilitated by Educators Ann Chanon, Thomas Becker, and Thomas deHaas from OSU.








The training took place on August 24th, 2023, at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery on the east side of Cleveland.








The cemetery is situated close to railroad tracks.









Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive treehopper from Asia, entered the United States in 2012 around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, it has infested other states including Ohio. Its favored host is Tree of Heaven, also from Asia.










But the second favored host is grapes, which has Ohio Wineries and grape growers worried.








Master Gardener Volunteers from Lake, Geauga, and Lorain counties took part in the training along with industry professionals as far away as Columbus.









Also in attendance was Cleveland Councilperson Diane Pride-Mays and local resident Jane Donnel.









They shared resident concerns about the impact of the bug.







Really, they are just a nuisance to the homeowner but can have a great impact on growers of grapes and fruit.


This was the 3rd training this year. The focus was on the adult stage of Spotted Lanternfly, although some 4th instar nymphs were found.


The insects will mate and lay egg masses. The adults die after the first hard frost, but eggs will hatch in spring.


Other trainings were on egg masses last January



and nymphs in June.


Last year, under the direction of Cleveland Forester Jennifer Kipp, staff from Cleveland were trained to watch for the bug at Mohican City Park.





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Local residents need not fear the bug. People can squash it or capture it and dispose of the bug in soapy water.


People can look for it on its favorite host plant, Tree of Heaven, a common weed tree in the city of Cleveland.


So don’t fear the bug! They WON’T Bite!