Spotted Lanternfly 4th instar nymphs present at St Joseph Cemetery (Cleveland).

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Spotted Lanternfly Nymphs have progressed to the 4th instar stage. This is the stage where the nymphs are red with white and black spots.








It won’t be long until adults are present.








During a visit to St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Cleveland on July 15th, I observed 4th instar nymphs along with 2nd and 3rd instar nymphs.








The 4th instar nymphs are characterized by a red body with black and white spots.








This is the last stage before they become adult Spotted Lanternflies.








The 2nd and 3rd instar nymphs are black with white spots.








Since SLF do not all hatch at the same time, an overlap of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th instar nymphs can all be present together.









There was a significant infestation of nymphs.









The nymphs were observed on their prime host plant Tree of Heaven.










They were also present on Mulberry








and Virginia Creeper.










Spotted Lanternfly is a phloem feeder which causes them to produce a large amount of Honeydew. This honeydew drips on the leaves attracting ants, bees, and will provide a surface for sooty mold to form. Honeydew was present,








As well as ants.








It won’t be long until adults are present.


An article in highlights the major local concerns:


3 Ohio metro areas among most likely to be impacted by newly invasive species, report says.



Speaking of adults, Educators from The Ohio State University Extension are hosting a 3rd Walkabout to observe adults and their feeding habits at St Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Cleveland.


slf 8-11





This event is scheduled for August 24th, 2023. Attached is the flyer.


slf walk






Master gardeners will observe SLF adults from 9-10 AM and industry professionals from 11-12 Noon.


Educators will lead the tour and be available to answer questions.


To RSVP for the Walkabout or if you have questions, contact Thomas deHaas at