Christmas! Trees! Too Early?? Not if you are a grower! Or an Early shopper!

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It’s not too early about starting to think about your live tree. Many “Cut Your Own” operations are going to a pre-tagging or reservation system.







Time to go online to your local grower and see how their operation works. Most farms will be open the day after Thanksgiving, which is November 25th, 2022, this year. As in most things, the earlier you are, the better the selection. Links are attached at the end of this article.


On Saturday, November 5th, 2022, over 40 growers gathered at Hidden Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Clyde, Ohio.


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The tour of the farm and giftshop was conducted by Alan Binger,







the owner who is the secretary of the Ohio Christmas Tree Grower Association (OCTA). The program was organized and promoted by the Ohio Christmas Tree Association.







Both president Roger Koch, and Vice President Gary Hite, were in attendance.








A session on using analytics in marketing and tracking sales was presented by Michigan Christmas Tree Grower, Tony Stafani,








and a session on pests and diseases identification was part of the program titled “Why did that Christmas Tree Die?” was conducted by Thomas deHaas, of The Ohio State University, Erie County Extension Office.



The program began with presentations in the sales barn.








The participants were given a walking tour of the farm, discussing pruning techniques, site selection, diseases, insects, deer damage, and harvesting and display/presentation options.









Different parts of the farm as set up for photograph opportunities for customers.










Hidden Pines Christmas Tree Farm offers many Agri-tourism opportunities as well. They feature cut your own Christmas Trees as well as pre-cut trees.







They offer a well-stocked gift shop featuring hand-made items as well as a wide assortment of crafts from local artisans.







In addition, they contract with local photographers to host photo sessions for patrons.







So, what can a customer interested in securing the “PERFECT TREE” do to make sure they can get the tree they want, the size they want, and the variety?








Several websites are helpful in locating farms in Ohio:



In addition, The Real Christmas Tree Board offers links to locate farms as well:



Also, information about real trees in general with video content:



In addition, they host a Facebook Page:



So, what are you waiting for? Get out and create those memories,







like we did!