New FactSheet - Efficient Lawn Care Practices to Help Protect Ohio’s Waterways

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Check out this new Ohio State University FactSheet, Efficient Lawn Care Practices to Help Protect Ohio’s Waterways. The FactSheet authors include: Ashley Kulhanek, Educator, Ohio State University Extension; Eugene Braig, Program Director, Aquatic Ecosystems, School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University; and Zane Raudenbush, Turfgrass and Herbicide Specialist, Davey Tree. 


Waterway and Lawn Area
Photo Credit: Amy Stone, OSU Extension, Lucas County


If you have a lawn that you are maintaining, this is a must read. Information included is practical and adoptable for your own situation, and most importantly, it walks you through steps to help protect Ohio's waterways no matter how small or large. It is a great resource that can be shared with others to make a difference - cleaner water for all. 


The FactSheet can be found online at:


Enjoy the resource yourself, and be sure to share it with others. Let's implemement practices that will make a difference!