Rounding up 2021

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As the growing season comes to a close, I thought I would do a round-up.

Yesterday, I cut my lawn. YES, I cut my lawn on December 16th in Lake County, Ohio. I noticed brown patches on my lawn.




I thought it might be Fall Armyworm damage?


army worm


Maybe it was using the wrong product, a non-selective instead of a selective weed control like someone in my neighborhood confused the two and sprayed non-selective herbicide and killed everything.




I thought back to what I had done a month ago in my flower beds.

They were clean. No weeds.




Wait, I sprayed them. I wore all the correct Personal Protective Equipment.





I used the correct rate. It just so happens that I walked through what I had sprayed which was Glyphosate, a non-selective herbicide, and then walked on the lawn. Hence forth the footprints.




One thing was obvious. I must have been dragging my feet.




My thought for 2021, be careful when using Pesticides. On second thought, was it just frost  damage? We may never know. But it will grow back! Lawns are like that!

Happy Holidays!