Spotted Lanternfly Update – November 2021

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Several hard frosts have occurred in Northeastern Ohio in early November. What should we be looking for now? EGG MASSES!

Did you see them?



How about now?






eggs 1

arrow 1

Yesterday, several Spotted Lanternfly partners from Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio State University and Cleveland Metroparks met on the near Westside of Cleveland to scout an infestation of Spotted Lanternfly.

Those scouting for SLF should turn their focus away from adults and look for egg masses.




Most of the females have finished laying eggs and are dead or dying.


dead slf


Several SLF adults were found between buildings on predominately Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima,


slf ailanthus


but also on wild grapes




along with egg masses found on tree of heaven, mulberry, cottonwood, and cherry.

The key now is to scout for egg masses. They will tend to be higher in the tree on the underside of branches. Binoculars can be very helpful.

ODA staff treated egg masses with Golden Pest Spray Oil, a soybean-based product effective in smothering the eggs.


slf spray


Continue to scout and report to:

and clicking on Report a Suspected Infestation.