Spotted Lanternfly – Getting the Word Out to Young and Old!

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With the recent discovery of Spotted Lanternfly in Cleveland, Ohio ,Ohio State University Extension Educators are trying to get the word out to ALL. Scouting is key!

During the first Sunday of September, Lake Metro Parks held their annual Bug Day at Penitentiary Glen in Kirtland, Ohio.


bud day 1


This year Ohio State University Lake County Master Gardener Volunteers focused on Spotted Lanternfly identification and detection to over 2600 visitors. They even offered Spotted Lanternfly tattoos.


bug day 2


In the course of the day, a teacher from Willoughby/Eastlake School of Innovation asked if someone could come and present to the students who were studying invasive species. Thomas deHaas, OSU Extension – Lake County Agriculture / Natural Resource Educator was able to present to 3 fifth grade classes about SLF


slf life cycle


and its preferred hosts, Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissima and Grapes, Vitus sp. especially the vines.


slf dehaas


Students were introduced to Tree of Heaven


toh fruit


and Staghorn Sumac and given clues to tell the difference.




In addition, students were able to use manipulatives of Spotted Lanternfly in the first instar, the fourth instar, and adult life stages to show and demonstrate the real, life-sizes.


slf lucite


The students left with a Spotted Lanternfly identification cards and a tattoo.




Ohio State University Extension's goal is to get the word out and get everyone looking for SLF. Since the discovery of SLF at 2 locations in Cleveland, its just a matter of time before it shows up elsewhere. By training large numbers of people to scout for Spotted Lanternfly, it will help with early detection.