Turfgrass Times, 03.19.2021

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Check out the first edition of the Turfgrass Times in 2021. A special shout out to the following OSU Turfgrass Team members that made this week's video possible: Dr. David Gardner; Dr. Ed Nangle; Joe Rimelspach; and Dr. Dave Shetlar (aka the Bug Doc); Dr. Pamela Sherratt; and Michael O'Keeffe.


Here is the link to view this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzPxCxxHqds


Plans are to produce this video update every other week until May when the team will move to a weekly update. The update includes a very holistic turfgrass update include: weeds, insects, diseases and cultural practices and is applicable to home lawns, golf courses, and sports fields. 


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you will be submitting turfgrass samples to OSU's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic, turfgrass samples should be submitted to the OSU Turfgrass Research Center, 2710 North Star, Columbus, Ohio 43221. All other samples should be sent to the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Additional information on the clinic can be found at: https://ppdc.osu.edu/