Warm fall weather brings out strange creatures in Northeast Ohio!

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The warm weather over the past few days has not only made the grass grow like crazy but it seems to bring out some strange looking fall creatures not seen all summer.

On a recent drive, I happened upon this insect attacking a telephone pole. I immediately referred to the diagnostics guide “20 Questions of Plant Diagnostics”:




I learned that most telephone poles are made from Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas Fir.




After close observation, I learned that the insect was “NOT” an insect since there were only 2 arms and 2 legs.


witch 1


I assumed from the attire it was a female and after researching the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz”, assumed that the attacker was Homo sapien ‘Evillene’.




It was determined no damage was done to the pole.


I observed other strange occurrences. The emergence of many frogs,




a nocturnal dog




and family searching for nutrition,




a scarecrow coming out of a geranium hanging basket,




and a warning sign that trick or treat is around the corner.




Happy Halloween and Stay Safe!