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Victory Gardens originated during World War I, an answer to a severe food shortage at the time. People were encouraged to find any usable space, plop in some seeds and contribute homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs to the effort. The idea was wildly successful, growing an army of amateur gardeners and serving to boost morale and patriotism.


While we’re not in wartime, we can all commiserate the past few months have been tough, mood-boosters are welcomed. So the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and Ohio State University (OSU) are reviving the effort and once again inspiring people to get their hands dirty, realize the fruits of their labor and share with others if inspired.  We believe a good day in the garden is good for the soul.


Lucas the Gnome in the Raised Garden Bed
Photo Credit: Amy Stone, OSU Extension - Lucas County


You may think that the gardening season is winding down. The summer heat and lack of rain may have taken a toll on your garden, but now is the perfect time to begin again. Whether you are gardening for the first time, hitting restart because the earlier attempt wasn’t as successful as you had hoped, or you just want to continue to garden as long as you can, we have a little something to help you get started.


Pam Bennett, OSU Extension Educator and State Master Gardener Corrdinator, recently posted a fall gardening video to help promote Ohio Victory Gardens. Check out the video to learn more about seeding, thinning, and growing produce this fall that will pay-off with an extended harvest into October, November and maybe even December: https://youtu.be/C1xW0bAjht4


Lucas the Gnome Among the Cabbage
Photo Credit: Amy Stone, OSU Extension - Lucas County


Additionally, a webpage has been created to encourage gardeners from seeds and plants to the harvest, plant and preservation: https://u.osu.edu/ohiovictorygardens/


Dig in and document your involvement using the hashtag - #OhioVictoryGardens