Camp Canopy Goes Virtual - Check It Out!

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What began in 1950 as a young sapling, Camp Canopy (formerly known as Ohio Forestry & Wildlife Conservation Camp) has grown into a mighty oak as one of the most popular summer camps among high schoolers in Ohio, hosting 10,000+ campers since its inception. Many students have taken what they learned during their summer(s) spent at Camp Canopy and have gone on to study natural resource disciplines at their post-secondary institutions. Others have simply learned a ton of cool stuff related to forestry and wildlife in Ohio. Either way, Camp Canopy’s legacy will live on in generations of adventure-seeking, nature-lovin’ campers to come.


Because of the pandemic, in person camp had to be cancelled this year. Camp planners were upset about cancelling Camp Canopy 2020 - actually heartbroken. They weren't going to leave you hanging that week with nothing to do but wish you were at camp. Instead, they've put together a week of virtual learning to take your mind off of challenging times and bring it back to the good ol' outdoors...and the forests and wildlife in it! In fact, because of this year's format, they are opening virtual camp up to others as well. 


Starting Sunday, June 7, at 2 pm and ending at 2 pm on Friday, June 12, they will be posting videos created by Camp Canopy's directors, instructors, and a few special guests to their Facebook page (@CampCanopy). Videos will be posted at 10 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm. They will be teaching about tree ID, mammal pelts and skulls, silviculture, bats, turning trees into logs, birds, frogs, invasive species, and MORE! They will even be throwing in a few Camp Canopy traditions!


Everything will be posted to our camp Facebook page (@CampCanopy). Because of the current situation and having to go virutally, the camp content is open to all! This is a great opportunities for individuals and families to learn more about the outdoors. The content they will be posting isn’t just for campers – feel free to watch them yourselves and encourage adults to tune in with their kids.


Be sure to join them LIVE on Facebook at 10 am each day, starting Monday, for a preview of the day's content. They can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!