A Woodland Wildflower Wonderland

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It wasn't too long ago that we had snow flurries across Ohio. This week, the woodlands in Northwest Ohio were covered with a different kind of white - (mostly) white blossoms! Many of Ohio's spring woodland wildflowers are in full bloom this week. These are ephemeral bloomers, meaning they only bloom for a short period each year. So if you have a chance to walk through the woods this week, see if you can spot a few of these beauties...and more!


Claytonia virginica.  Spring wouldn't be spring without spring beauties!  These delicate and prolific harbingers of spring are a sure sign of good things to come.  Petals are varying shades of lavendar, pink, and white.

Claytonia virginica


Claytonia virginica


Dicentra cucullaria. The Dutchman's breeches are just about done flowering in this part of the state. Nevertheless, the name for this delicate perennial might make you chuckle when you look at the flowers. The flowers look like tiny, white pantaloons, a.k.a. "Dutchman's breeches", hanging upside-down.

Dicentra cucullaria



Trillium grandiflorum. The Large white trillium is perhaps the Queen of all spring woodland bloomers. Stately, pristine, and oh so beautiful. This trillium was crowned Ohio's official wildflower many years ago.

Trillium grandiflorum


Patch of Trillium grandiflorum



Thalictrum thalictroides. The Rue anemone is my favorite spring wildflower. The snow-white flowers, yellow anthers, and crisp green foliage are absolute perfection. Rue anemone...so beautiful.


Rue anemone

Rue anemone

Enjoy the beauty of Ohio!