We Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant

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The Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL) writers are sad to report the passing of Dr. Walter Timothy "Tim" Rhodus, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.  His extraordinary vision and expertise with applying every form of new educational outreach technology changed the way we do the BYGL.


In fact, you would not be reading this BYGL Alert without Tim's guiding hand.  He elevated the BYGL from a newsletter that was distributed by FAX to the current form you see before you. 


However, we would not be truthful if we did not admit to some kicking and screaming on our part as Tim slowly moved us towards his vision of what could be and now is.  Tim had extraordinary patience and he never abandoned our shared journey.


Through many meetings with the BYGL writers, he patiently designed and re-designed many times over the BYGL website as well as the way the BYGL is distributed.  Along the way, his true team genius was allowing us to believe everything was our idea.


We are thankful that Tim lived long enough to see his vision of the BYGL come true.  Through it all, his humility prevented him from ever saying, "I told you so."


We stand on the shoulders of a giant who changed our worldview forever.


Here is Tim's obituary which begins with “Information is Not Education."  That was Tim.