Oriental Lilies Overwhelm Our Senses

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As Oriental lilies are about halfway through their “bloombastic tour”, simply walking near them causes one to be stunned visually and in the olfactories too!  After drawing in the noticeable, spicy scent wafting all around and through the air nearby the plants, it gives the feeling that breathing the regular, old normal air seem stale!  That was just one of the differences between Asiatic and Oriental lilies, which I alluded to in an earlier BYGL article this year.


Oriental Lily blooming
Beautiful Oriental Lily blooming


In that article, written just about 20 days ago, I tried to give BYGLers a sense of the Oriental lilies blooms, both look and size.  I wrote “… The huge flowers are 6-9 inches across…” and just to reinforce that seemingly ridiculous size, I took a picture with a ruler for your visual enjoyment!


Oriental Lily bloom size
Oriental Lily blooms are huge


The other distinguishing characteristic beyond smell and size of the flower, is the delicate, ruffled edges on the petals of the bloom.  It is sometimes subtle, but noticeable nevertheless, if you look closely at the petal edges.


Ruffled Oriental Lily petals
Note the ruffled edges on the petals of Oriental Lilies!


To make this bloom tour complete, I just wish that we had “SMELLOVISION” so that you could have the whole “bloomblastic” experience initiated by Oriental lilies!