Are Garlic Scapes Edible...YES!

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What are garlic scapes?  They are flower stalks of hardneck garlic and they are edible.  Only hardneck garlic varieties will produce scapes. 

Curling Scape


Scapes should be removed so that the garlic plant will put all of its energy into bulb formation which will help produce a big healthy garlic bulb. 

Removing a scape


Scapes can be cut or gently pulled off the plant when they start to curl.  The scape should have one complete curl like in the picture above before it is removed.  If left to long after curling it will continue to grow up and the scape will become woody and not very palatable.

Pulling Scapes


Once the scapes have been harvested, remove the flower bud and wash gently.  After this process has been completed they are ready to be used to add a wonderful garlic flavor to any culinary dish.

harvest scape


Delicious scapes ready to compliment any culinary dish.

Harvested Scapes

Happy Gardening and Cooking

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