Rhododendrons – Azaleas; Reality Art!

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Rhododendrons – Azaleas; Reality Art!


Rodo Azalea


Rhododendrons and Azaleas are blooming in Northeast Ohio.


Azalea mix


They come in almost all the colors of the rainbow!




Enjoy the art show!

Azaleas have been blooming in northeast Ohio since April 8th starting with Cornell’s Pink, a deciduous Azalea variety.


Cornels Pink


The first of the evergreen Rhododendrons to bloom was Rhododendron PJM, which was in full bloom April 19th.





Rhododendron Olga Mezzit followed on April 22nd (But this was in Columbus).


Rhodo Columbus


Our Rhododendron in Northeast Ohio are just coming into bloom like Rhododendron Yaku Princess which starts pink as a bud but opens white.


Rhodo Yaku


Now in mid-May, Evergreen Azaleas are in full bloom like Azalea Herbert, a lavender




and Azalea Stewartsonia, a bright Red.




Rhododendron English Roseum and Rhododendron Roseum Elegans are also blooming.


Rhodo mix


However, don’t forget the deciduous Azaleas calendulaceum – Flame Azalea


Orange Azalea


and Azalea Klondike with yellow flowers.


Yellow Azalea


Just remember, Right plant, right place. Rhododendrons and azaleas thrive in moist, well-drained slightly acid soil and prefer partial shade or protection from add day direct sunlight.


Azalea in Shade


Enjoy nature’s artistic rainbow of colors.