Dogs Gone Wild!

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Dogwoods are in full bloom in Northeast Ohio.


Pink Dogwood


They are beautiful: Whites,


White dogwood




Pink Dogwood


and Pale Pink.


Pale pink dogwood


However, are you sure that is what you want to install?


Dying dogwood


Consider where dogwood grow in the wild. They are an understory plant on the edges of woods


dogwood understory


and they like moist, well-drained soil containing organic matter with a slightly acid Ph.


pink dogwood - peace garden


So before you run out and buy that beautiful white or pink dogwood, ask yourself, is this the right plant for the right place.


dying dogwood 2


Dogwoods that are under stress will deteriorate over time.


dogwood group


They can get borers,




sunscald and cankers.




Most of these will be a greater problem when the tree is grown in full sun and suffers drought in the summer, which can lead to leaf scorch as well. Be kind to some of our favorite dogs (Dogwood).


pink dying


white dying


Just consider right plant, right place.