Magnificent Magnolias

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Magnolias come in a range of flower colors and sizes.


Mag. Leonard Messel 1


The two most common in the landscape are Star Magnolia Magnolia stellata, which has a white flower,


Mag. Star 1


and Saucer Magnolia Magnolia soulangiana, which has a pale purple flower.


saucer mag


Many more cultivated varieties exist which include a yellow, Butterflies Magnolia Magnolia x. ‘Butterflies”, Magnolia x. loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’,




Magnolia x. loebneri ‘Merril’.


M. Merril 1


Magnolias can grow as a single stem tree form, which can reach 30 feet,


star mag


or a small specimen tree that can be kept at 10 feet through pruning. Magnolias also come in a multi-stemmed small tree or shrub form.


mag shrub


The magnolias as a group are free from cultural problems except for an occasional outbreak of magnolia scale.


m. scale


The one drawback as a group is because they flower so early; they can occasionally be burned by a frost, which will damage the flowers. But the solution is look to the ‘girl’ hybrids which bloom later:

Magnolia x. ‘Blushing Belle’ – large pink-white flowers

Magnolia x ’Ann’ – Red –purple flowers


m. ann


Magnolia x. ‘Betty’ – Purple-red flowers




By using varieties that bloom later, they tend be less susceptible to frost damage.

Take a look……………Magnolias are ‘MAGNIFICENT’


merril 3