BYGL Delivery Options

Options for Receiving the BYGL

1. Signup to receive BYGL ALERTS! via eMail

Receive email notifications when articles are published by the BYGL writers. Using the primary account you wish to receive notifications, send an email to . Use the phrase "Subscribe to BYGL ALERTS" in the subject line. In the email message text area you must also indicate how you want the BYGL information sent to you either via BYGL Alert (Articles sent immediately) or BYGL Digest (Articles will accumulate and only one notice will be sent per day). If you do not select one of these options, you will be automatically enrolled in BYGL Alert.

2. Signup to receive BYGL Newsletter via eMail

Receive BYGL newsletter through email each Monday morning containing timely articles published by the BYGL writers. Send an email to and indicate your interest in being added to the list of subscribers for the weekly newsletter.


3. Use your Favorite RSS Reader

For some readers, the idea of viewing the BYGL Newsletter in their favorite app or alongside other newsletters. BYGL Newsletter is available as an RSS Feed at the following address: