USDA Updates Emerald Ash Borer Map, January 2018

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While emerald ash borer (EAB) may be considered "old-news" in the buckeye state, many may want to keep a watchful eye on its progression beyond Ohio. Each month, USDA APHIS produces an updated EAB Detection Map. Occasionally, we like to post these updated maps on BYGL for those that are interested in monitoring the spread of the pest in North America. 


The most recent additions to the map include:

  • initial county detections in: St. Clair and Talladega Counties, Alabama; Queens County, New York; and Eau Claire County, Wisconsin
  • new counties quarantined by their state: Eau Claire County, Wisconsin
  • Canadian initial county detections and initial detection in Province of Manitoba: city of Winnipeg, Manitoba


Additional resources and updates on EAB can be found on the National EAB website maintained by Michigan State University.