Scouting for Scale at Snowy Solstice

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Scouting for scale in the Winter is great use of your time. 

Scale comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Last year we saw Oyster Shell, Calico, Juniper, Greedy, Bamboo, Fletcher, Japanese maple, Pine Needle, Brown, Putnam, Euonymus and Magnolia Scale.

Scale is sometimes hard to see when a plant is in full foliage. But in the winter with no leaves on trees and shrubs, except evergreen, scale are easier to see.

Scouting scale in the winter makes sense because there is less to care for outside in the landscape. The following pictures are Scale images on the corresponding tree or shrub they infested.


Putnam Scale on Pieris


Putnam Scale

Jerry A. Payne, USDA Agricultural Research Service,


Euonymus Scale on Euonymus


Euonymus Scale


Juniper scale on Juniper


Juniper Scale

Joseph LaForest, University of Georgia, 


Fletcher Scale on Taxus


Fletcher Scale

J.A. Davidson, Univ. Md, College Pk, 


Brown Scale on Ilex


Brown Scale

United States National Collection of Scale Insects Photographs , USDA Agricultural Research Service, 



Terapin Scale 


Terrapin Scale


Pine Needle Scale on Pines


Pine Needle Scale


Japanese Maple Scale on Maples


Japanese Maple Scale

Central Science Laboratory, Harpenden , British Crown,


Scale on Pachysandra


Brown Scale

Lesley Ingram, 



Calico Scale on Honeylocust


Calico Scale



Oyster Shell Scale on Roses

Oystershell scale


Magnolia Scale on Magnolia


Magnolia Scale


So nothing to do on a snowy day………………..go scouting for scale.


And take along pen and paper. You’ll want to write down plant and location so you can return to treat with dormant oil or insecticides as the label recommends. Happy Scouting