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There is a lot of "buzz" on bees and other pollinators in the news. People are interested and want to know what they can do to help the cause. 


The Ohio State University (OSU) Bee Lab is your go to source for information about bees, as well as other pollinators. Feel free to share this resource with others including clientele, co-workers, friends, and family. The more people are aware and educated about bees and other pollinators, they typically want to help! 


If you haven't checked out the Bee Lab online, you have to do it! The website is host to factsheet and bulletins, recorded webinars, and a calendar of upcoming events. Many educational programs are offered online as well through the Bee Lab. There is a wealth of information that is updated on a regular basis. Be sure the site is a "favorite" and check back often.   


The website can be found online at:


The latest addition to the website includes 5 Pollinator Quick Guides . The guides are available as single page (front and back) PDFs through the following individual links: 



If you would prefer to see all the resources listed, click on this link below:


A special shout out to Denise Ellsworth with the OSU Department of Entomology for her work in this area and on the website. 


Denise Ellsworth, Program Coordinator, OSU - Department of Entomology
Denise Ellsworth, Program Director, OSU - Department of Entomology