Trumbull Trail Test For You

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  Yesterday, I visited Lee Beers, the OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resource educator in Trumbull County, and as plant lovers (Lee is finishing his PhD on lowbush blueberry physiology and genetics), we had to take a walk. Adjacent to the OSU, Trumbull County office is county land and the Mosquito Lake State Park. So, in this 48-hour flash quiz, a prize awaits for the person with the most correct answers in that time to the plant and pest photo questions from our walk. If ties; the very first top score shall prevail.  


  Let us begin with pictures of fruits, starting with the cover photo.  Oh, and a photo of Lee Beers. I loved my calendar entry for yesterday: ‘Beers and Chat”.  Though we actually had diet Cokes, chili, and fried fish at the five-star Four Star Diner in Cortland.


OSU Extension educator Lee Beers
OSU Extension, Trumbull County educator Lee Beers


  1). What is this dogwood? Note the attractive bruised blue and purple fruits – and name the common dogwood disease on the foliage


silky dogwood and Septoria leaf spot
Name this dogwood and the foliar disease present



  2.) What is this native dogwood? Note the beautiful fruit, peduncle and pedicels that turn more and more reddish-purple as the season progresses.


Gray dogwood
Name this dogwood


  3). What is this lovely fragrant (leaves and fruits) native woodland shrub, now showing up more in landscapes. I am especially fond of it since it is in the Lauraceae family, probably so named for my wife Laura (fake news!).


Spicebush foliage and fruits
Name this native shrub


  4). Name this native viburnum and the insect that almost certainly caused leaf damage.


Arrowwod viburnum with viburnum leaf beetle feeding injury


  5.)  Name this native viburnum shrub/tree and the disease present.


Blackhaw viburnum and powdery mildew disease
Name this viburnum and the disease present


  6). This non-native plant has become an invasive issue in Ohio in recent decades, though Cathy Herms has created a lovely "pâte de fruits” from fruits of this plant that is tasty enough to merit the branding of the phrase:  Controlling Invasives – One Bite at a Time.”


Autumn olive
Name this invasive plant


  7.) Name the taxonomically torturous genus and the disease present on the fruits.


hawthorn fruits and diseases
Name this plant from its fruits



  8). Before you become too certain on #7, based on its shape, on this bygl-alert author, and on the sooty blotch disease and eyespot disease present - this is not a crabapple This should make it a little easier.


hawthorn thorn, stem and leaves
Perhaps easier now


  9). Identify this legume.


legume flower and foliage
Name this legume


  10). What is feeding on this Prunus?


Prunus with insect feeding damage
Overall look to Prunus tree with insect damage


Prunus insect feeding
Closeup of feeding on Prunus foliage


  11). Er, what is this plant, and explain the fuzzy growth beneath the leaves.


poison ivy
Leaves of three - let them be!  And, that fuzzy growth?


12).  Name this Solanaceous plant.


Plant in the Solanaceae
Foliage of Solanaceous plant


Flower of Solanaceous plant
Flower of Solanaceous plant


Developing fruit of solanaceous plant
One more look at Solanaceous plant


13). How long can the annual growth on this corkscrew willow really be?


How long are the arms of Lee Beers
How long are the arms of Lee Beers?




  The Prize…shall be a book. A good book.