Why Trees Matter Forum; October 18

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Trees matter in many ways; just ask the Ents. Their beauty and grace is wondrous, they are proven healers for hospital patients, their social importance as historical references is well-known, from Johnny Appleseed to the Signal Tree in Summit County, and their environmental services, well…


  Check out treebenefits.com and itreetools.org for itemization of the economic benefits of the environmental services of trees: Storm water remediation, energy savings, air quality improvement, carbon effects, property values.


  With that in mind, in past years we have conducted several Why Trees Matter Forums, with a few years off the past several. This year, though, on October 18 the Forum returns to Wooster – with a great lineup of talks and walks.


Dan Lambe, President, National Arbor Day Foundation
Dan Lambe, Arbor Day Foundation. Google Image.


  Here are two big reasons to come, for street tree commissions, for public officials, for arborists, for landscapers, for Master Gardeners…start with Dan Lambe, President of the National Arbor Day Foundation, traveling from Nebraska (fresh off an OSU victory over the Cornhuskers) to talk of the Foundation’s High Impact programs and Tree City and Tree Campus initiatives.


Dan Lambe of the Arbor Day Foundation
You can never get enough of Dan Lambe. Google Image


  Next, we will have Enrico Bonello, forest pathologist of OSU and biologist John Pogacnik of Lake Metro Parks, Connie Hausmann of Cleveland MetroParks, and others speaking about the range of beech tree problems: from Beech leaf Disease to Beech Bark Disease, and sorting these serious problems out from less serious, but confusing beech blight aphid, woolly beech aphid, beech anthracnose, and beech erineum patch problems.


Leaf banding due to Beech Leaf Disease
Banding due to Beech Leaf Disease. Cause unknown. Research underway.


Leaf shrivelling from Beech Leaf Disease
Leaves shriveling due to Beech Leaf Disease


Thinning of American beech canopies due to Beech Leaf Disease


  This is just the beginning: climate change strategies for the green industry, the Tree Program at the College of Wooster, a native tree talk by Paul Snyder of OSU’s Secrest Arboretum, walks at the two Wooster, Ohio Tree Campuses, what’s up with ODNR, OSU, and ISA tree programs.  Most cool. Registration information coming soon.


Tree sayings at the Fort Work BOtanic Garden
Treeisms at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens