Terrific Tree Lilacs Trim Tree Lawns

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Japanese tree lilac is native to northern Japan. 

Japanese Tree Lilac

It produces beautiful creamy-white blooms with a captivating fragrance spring through summer. It is used as a small tree or large shrub that forms a rounded crown with rich green foliage on attractive reddish-brown bark.

Tree Lilac low branched

Japanese Tree Lilac makes a perfect accent or background plant.

Tree Lilac specimen


It can be used as a Specimen tree as a focal point in the landscape.

In addition, it lends itself to a street tree and adapts well to a variety of conditions.

lilac street tree

Syringa r. s. r. ‘Ivory Silk’, Ivory Silk Tree Lilac is a compact form, with huge creamy-white flowers and makes a great specimen or street tree.

Ivory Silk Lilac