Thomas deHaas

Agriculture Natural Resource Educator
OSU Extension Educator - Lake County, Ohio

Tom "bowtie" deHaas is new to extension but known for punny, not necessarily funny treatment of all topics. 

ie. How can identify a dogwood tree? its BARK!

Agriculture experiences include teaching Vocational Horticulture, Ornamental Horticulture Nursery inventory, Design/Build Landscape Contractor, and Elementary, Middle and High School teacher.


Thomas deHaas
OSU Extension - Lake County Agriculture/Natural Resource Educator
99 East Erie Street
Painesville, Ohio 44077

Articles Authored

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Spotted Lanternfly – Getting the Word Out to Young and Old!
Spotted Lanternfly infestation found in Ohio at 3 different locations. What can you do? SCOUT!
Looking for Fall renovation plants for your landscape? Consider some ‘Native’ shrubs.
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - A 2021 Summer Update - New Find in Kent, Ohio - Portage County
Ants and Fungi work together to weaken the tree! And then..........
Ants Cry Uncle!
Halloween Decorations in May?
Buckeye? Horse Chestnut? Which One is Which?
Crabapples are for the Birds!
Proper Pruning Pays Off!
Street Trees Part 12 – Platanus, Prunus, Amelanchier, and Tilia
Street Trees Part 11 – Nyssa-Black Gum and Liquidambar- Sweet Gum
Street Trees Part 10 – Ostrya - Hop hornbeam , Chionanthus - Fringetree and Carpinus - European Hornbeam
Street Trees Part 9 – Cornus-Dogwood, Viburnum, Syringa-Lilac, Cercis-Redbud
Street Trees Part 8 – Elms, Ulmus and Zelkova
Street Trees Part 7 – Quercus, Oaks
Street Trees Part 6 – Metasequioa, Dawn Redwood and Taxodium, Bald Cypress
Street Trees Part 5 – Gymnocladus, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Gleditsia, Honeylocust, and Koelreuteria, Goldenrain Tree
Street Trees Part 4 – Eucommia (Hardy Rubber Tree), Ginkgo (Ginkgo), Maclura (Osage Orange)
Street Trees Part 3 – Betula (Birch)
Street Trees Part 2 – Aesculus (Buckeye)
Street Trees Part 1 – Acer (Maple)
Street Trees of Ohio – What’s your Favorite?
Forgotten Favorite Flaunts Fabulous Fall Foliage
Warm fall weather brings out strange creatures in Northeast Ohio!
Intelligent Sprayer Reduces Pesticide Use and Saves Money!
Spotted Lanternfly Traps Deployed In Ohio
Spot the Spot – Efforts Continue to Look For Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) in Ohio
ODA Operation Clean Sweep a Huge Success in Lake County Ohio
The Ins and Outs of a New Commercial Pesticide Sprayer