Trees of the Week: Late Fall Beauty

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  I have decided to take my cue from Joe Cochran this week and instead of a single tree (or shrub), select several that spoke to me in November. Starting with the scarlet-and-gray Japanese maple pictured above.



Admittedly, the gray on the pictured cutleaf Japanese maple in German Village in Columbus on November 16 was from physiological leaf scorch earlier in the season, but still, it is a pretty cool look. And after all, being scorched once this year – by Penn State - will not keep us from going to the National Championship playoffs.


Dogwoods of course provide lovely features throughout the growing seasons, but the fruits and peduncles of flowering dogwood on November 16 in German Village and the fall foliage of Kousa dogwood on November 20 in the Chatscape gave late-season appeal as well.


flowering dogwood fruits


kousa dogwood fall foliage


Eastern redbud fruits paired with the first Denver snow on November 18 illustrate this small tree’s membership in the bean family (Fabaceae).


redbud fruits and snow


Kentucky coffeetree bark is stark, and quite dramatic throughout the fall and winter landscape seasons.


Kentucky coffeetree bark


‘Ogon’ dawnredwood displays a burned-gold aspect as late as November 20 this year.


Ogon dawnredwood fall foliage


White oak foliage puts on quite a rounded-lobe light show on the OSU Campus in mid-November.


white oak fall color


white oak fall color 2


Finally, ‘Molten Lava’ crabapple fall color erupts down the mountainside, or at least hillside as my wife Laura and I walked toward the Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery at the Rittman Orchard in northeast Ohio in early November.   


Molten Lava crabapple fall color