Fall Forecast II

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  Earlier this week Extensioneer Erik Draper featured poison ivy foliar coloration as a Harbinger of Autumn (http://bygl.osu.edu/node/567). As we approach September 22 and the Autumnal Equinox, here are a few more visuals of the changing of the guard.

  Buckeyes in the grove commemorating Andy Geiger’s years as OSU Athletic Director are coloring up at Chadwick Arboretum in Columbus, absent much of the Guignardia leaf blotch disease that is worse in wetter summers.


The Commemorative plaque for the buckeye grove


  Magnolia fruits at Secrest Arboretum are in full reddish-pink glory. Wild black cherry fruits dot the ground like raisins in a trail mix at Silver Creek Summit Metro Park near Doylestown in northeast Ohio.


magnolia fruit



black cherries fallen on trail

  Apple cider, both hard and sweet, is to be found nearby at the new Bent Ladder Cidery and Winery, ushering in the apple in our eyes for fall fruit festivals. And speaking of festiveness, visiting trekkers from the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Green Team fall into slides, er, I mean slide into fall, at the Secrest Arboretum Grand Slalom on a recent field trip.


apple cider from Bent Ladder Cidery



CMHA Green Team on Secrest Slide


  Finally, Turtle looks up as if to sniff the approaching autumn air - or is it the incoming dragonfly at Silver Creek Park?   


turtle and dragonfly