There We Go...The Harbinger of Autumn Appears!

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As I was driving along the roadways of Geauga County, I suddenly noticed the upright pillars of changing color wrapped around tree trunks.  Yes, I believe that it is most likely, that autumnal color is the ONLY redeeming quality of Toxicodendron radicans, commonly known as Poison Ivy!  At this time of year, the fall colors of this rash inducing woody vine, are unparalleled for their stunning reds, oranges, yellows and every color mixture in-between.  It almost makes one want to go up to collect some leaves to put in a fall color collage between pieces of waxed paper to hang on the wall. 


Poison Ivy Autumnal Colors
Poison Ivy beginning to show autumnal colors


But please, please don’t touch, don’t save the leaves and do not hold them up to your face to see if they smell faintly like burnt sugar.  The best way to enjoy the colors of poison ivy will ALWAYS be… as far away as possible… and yet, still close enough to determine which colors are your favorite!


Poison Ivy foliage coloring up
Great variety of autumnal colors on the foliage of Poison Ivy