Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Strafing Starlings and Callery Pears
White Pine Aphids: Is it the Last Hurrah for the “Year of the Aphid”?
Fall Invaders are Trickling In
Peony Clean-Up in Landscape Aisle 1
They’re Not Giant, Mutant Mosquitoes: They’re Crane Flies
Pits of Doom and Despair
Box Tree (Boxwood) Moth: New Detection, What to Look For, and Management
Beech Blight Aphids Got Talent
Look Closely at Flowers for a Tiny Threat to Pollinators
OGIA/OSU Greater Cincinnati BYGL! Diagnostic Walkabout Highlight: The Redbud Leaffolder
Ohio Diagnostic Workshop Highlight: White Masses on the Stems of Redbuds
OGIA / OSU: Greater Cincinnati BYGL! Diagnostic Walkabout at the Boone County Arboretum
Dodder's Tangled Tale
A Selected Assortment of Oak Galls
Fall Webworms are Conspicuous by Their Absence
The Buzz on Rough Oak Bulletgalls
Kissing Bugs in Ohio Homes
A Wheel (Bug) of Misfortune is Afoot
Squash Vine Borer: Nature’s Way of Saying You’ve Had Enough Squash!
The Tiger Bee Fly: A Carpenter Bee Nemesis
One of Ohio’s Most Beautiful Beetles
Be Alert to European Paper Wasps
An Early Abundance of Stingers
Lousy with Lace Bugs
A Complex Story: Disappearing Tomato Leaves, a Tiny Wasp, and a Virus.
Re-Visiting Volutella and Browned Boxwoods
Weird Galls on Willow
Annual Cicadas and Their Intimidating Wasp Nemesis
Coneflower Conundrums: Spiky Hairdos, Freaky Flowers, and Dangling Heads
Box Tree (Boxwood) Moth: Latest Observations