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Don't Miss the 2023 Tri-State Green Industry Conference (GIC)
What’s Eatin’ Sedum?
Peonies Have Measles... What The Heck??
Tribble Troubles?
Stink Bug Hunters Provide a Landscape Twofer
Ambush Bugs: A Pollinator Peril
Pollinator Plant of the Week: Eupatorium serotinum
It's the Season for Yellowjackets, Paper Wasps, and Baldfaced Hornets
“Bagworm Season” is Wrapping Up but Bags Will Remain
Ailanthus Webworms and a Nod Towards Spotted Lanternfly
Nectar Robbing Criminal Activity
It’s Dogbane Webworm, Not Fall Webworm
Red-Barked Sycamores at 55 MPH
Fall Webworm Update
Frilled Leaves Add Aesthetic Value to Black Tupelo
A Minor Leafminer with a Major History
An Odd Leaf Gall on Oaks
Bulletgalls Targeting Oaks
Oleander Aphids and Monarchs
Be Alert to Grass Lace Bug
A Most Unusual Cricket
Be Alert to the Redbud Leaffolder
“Torched” Honeylocusts (NOT Black Locusts!)
Fall Webworms Rise
Conehead Beheadings Begin
Bagworm Damage Becoming Obvious
Lace Bug Damage is on the Rise
Buzzing-Bombing Beetles on the OSU Campus
Japanese Beetles are Becoming Evident
“Pine Cones” Rise on Willows