Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Mimosa Webworm: It’s Time for “Torched” Honeylocusts
Do Aphids Really Spoil the Monarch’s Party?
Be Alert to Redheaded Pine Sawfly
Buzzing-Bombing Beetles, an Unusual Grub, and a Wasp
Lacewings (= Good)
Lace Bugs (= Bad Bugs)
Coneflower Decapitations Commence
Magnolia Massacre
Periodical Cicadas Depart and Dog-Day Cicadas Arrive … with Their Killers
“Pine Cones” on Willow? Most Unusual
Fuzzy White Planthopper Nymphs
All-American Beech Anthracnose and Erineum Patches
Assassins are on the Loose!
Asian Giant Hornet (a.k.a. "Murder Hornet"): It’s Not in Ohio, but Remain Vigilant
Fall Webworm Nests
Olethreutes has Left the Building
Yucca (Yucky?) Bugs and Beetles
Look Up for Cottony Maple Leaf
Elms with Holey Leaves
There’s Corn in My Lawn!
Be Alert to Magnolia Scale
Annual Sugar Maple Leaf Drop From Petiole Borer
Breaking News: Oak Shothole Leafminer on Chestnut
Holey Oak Leaves
Bagworm Eggs are Hatching: The Game’s Afoot!
White-Splattered and Corrugated River Birch Leaves
Box Tree Moth Alert
An Oak-Apple Gall Ex Expert
The Japanese Maple Scale Challenge
Sticky Oaks