Joe-Pye Weed

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Many people think Joe-Pye weed (Eutrochium purpureum)is nothing more than a roadside weed and have never taken in to consideration its outstanding ornamental characteristics.  It is a large plant which needs space, but when planted in mass it can provide exceptional flowering and provide height when needed in the landscape.

This herbaceous perennial is native to Ohio and grows in meadows and open woods with full sun to part shade in damp-to-dry moisture conditions. Joe-Pye weed typically grows 4 - 7’ tall with a spread of 2 – 4'.  This plant has dark green leaves with toothed margins arranged in whorls of 3 - 4 leaves per node on thick green stems.  Joe-Pye weed blooms in mid-summer to early fall with tiny vanilla-scented pinkish-purple clusters of flowers.  Deadheading not only keeps plants looking nice after flowering but also discourages seedlings, which can be abundant. Joe-Pye weed's showy and fragrant flowers are very attractive to butterflies and bees and can be used in both formal and informal landscapes.