Spider Mite Problems Just Keep Coming!

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While finally getting around to mulching my perennial beds this weekend, I noticed more spider mite damage on one of my species of Hosta.  I am not sure which cultivar it is as it's one that was handed down from generation to generation.  i love it because it has beautiful fragrant flowers, but this weekend the foliage was looking a little rough and spotted.  

I turned over the leaves and notices that it too, along with my Baptisia was just getting hammered with two-spotted spider mites.  When asked if I was going to spray, I said no.  Again, just like with the Baptisia I'll wait to see if the predatory mites help out - or pray for a good rain shower.  We are still quite dry in the Clark County area and my gardens have not been fortunate to get some of the spotty showers that went through last week.

Just like on other herbaceous plants, the damage from the two-spotted spider mite is stippling on the upper side of the leaf.  Leaves that are damaged usually are a little off-color from healthy leaves - sort of a faded, washed out appearance.  On the underside of the leaf you may find webbing or you may find the mites which are visible with a hand lens.

Two-spotted spider mite damage to hosta leaf

So far I am seeing two-spotted spider mites on Baptisia and Hosta.  What are you finding them on?