Crabapple Scab in Ohio

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Apple scab disease, caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis, is a common problem resulting in major aesthetic damage to many crabapple types (taxa). However, there is a tremendous range of susceptibility of these crabapple taxa to scab, and this can make all the difference to a landscape designer, a nurseryman, a homeowner, a garden center professional or Master Gardener volunteer making recommendations for plant selection. Got leaves, got ugly leaves, got beautiful leaves – all are options.


This is why the International Ornamental Crabapple Society has developed plots across the country to evaluate susceptibility of crabapples to apple scab disease, in different environments and over time. Want to check out apple scab evaluations in Ohio? Check out our latest findings, 2012-2015, in several papers from Curtis Young, Erik Draper, and Jim Chatfield at: